Fat in bones linked to osteoporosis

A US study looked at bone marrow fat in 106 healthy subjects using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and found that obese subjects had more bone marrow fat than normal weight subjects.

There was a positive correlation between intrahepatic lipid and muscle intramyocellular lipid levels and bone marrow fat, independent of body mass index, age and exercise status.

Lead author Dr Miriam Bredella, from the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, said higher levels of bone marrow fat put people at increased risk of fracture.

“Bone marrow fat makes bones weak,” she said. “If you have a spine that’s filled with fat, it’s not going to be as strong.”

Dr Bredella said obesity could shift stem cell lineage, resulting in more bone marrow fat.

The study showed that serum triglyceride levels were significant predictors of bone marrow fat, and explained 10%