Is a fever always bad?

Fever is a common problem in young children who have infections. It is worrying to the parents and to doctors alike. For such a common problem, it is surprising that our understanding of what drives fever and how to optimally manage it is not so evident. 

This is highlighted in the necessity or not to treat fever and the way in which we approach it as parents and as health professionals. In fact, fever is most probably a very useful mechanism in our natural ability to overcome infection. While not all fever needs to be treated, when we do choose to treat it we do so primarily for symptom improvement, or more simply to feel better, rather than to overcome the infection. 

Fever may be concerning to health professionals caring for young children for three main reasons: as a sign of a serious infection, as a trigger for febrile convulsions and because it makes the individual feel unwell. 

Much is made of fever and its association with