Flying to the moon and back no longer sustainable

TWO weeks ago we had the Gundagai Show. 

It’s a great time for the town: the season is spectacular, sheep and wool are finally worth something, and the floods across the flat have left the country green all through summer for the first time in memory.

This year the show was opened by 90-year-old Joe Reardon. 

Last year he told me that we, the doctors, had to get him to 90 because he wanted to have 70 years on the show gate, 65 years on the football gate and reach his 60th wedding anniversary. Not necessarily in that order of importance, Joe.

We were away for a few days, but our excellent locum got off lightly, with only some minor injuries showing at the hospital.

Workload is variable on weekends but, like global temperature, the trend is up. We are getting busier after hours as people get older or have higher expectations of the need for immediate care. 

I worked it out last year… in 28