Forgotten sex toy removed after 10 years

VVF is highly unusual in the developed world, although urinary tract injuries due to sexual practices are becoming more prevalent and more readily diagnosed because of emerging knowledge of behaviours highlighted in medical literature, according to a study of the case in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The 38-year-old patient reported visible haematuria and mild incontinence for a “few weeks” and six months of a menorrhagia, but she denied any sexual dysfunction or sexual abuse, the report from doctors at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary said.

On examination, she was severely emaciated with a BMI of 11, febrile (37.8°C) and haemodynamically stable although oliguric. 

Serum biochemistry indicated poor renal function: creatinine 150μmol/L and eGFR of 34ml/1.73m2. White cells were 23.7 x 109 and albumin was 39/g/L.

Transabdominal ultrasonography showed bilateral hydroureteronephrosis and an empty urinary bladder.