Four occupations that predispose to RA

Four occupations increase the risk of getting rheumatoid arthritis, say the authors of a large Swedish study.

Men working as bricklayers and concrete workers appear to be at most risk of having the disease, according to data from the Epidemiological Investigation of Rheumatoid Arthritis (EIRA) case control study which compared 3,522 people with rheumatoid arthritis with 5,580 controls.

Men in these occupations had about three times the risk of a person working in an office for the anti-citrullinated protein antibody positive (ACPA+) form of rheumatoid arthritis. Their risk of getting the disease with negative ACPA, was slightly lower, at 2.4 times the risk of an office worker, the study authors said.

Men who were electrical or electronics workers were at highest risk of ACPA- disease, with 2.6 times the risk of an office worker. But their risk of getting ACPA+ disease was also raised: double that of an office worker, the