Get thee to a pharmacy: Nuns need pill, experts say

Writing in The Lancet, leading reproductive biologist Professor Roger Short from the University of Melbourne and cancer researcher Dr Kara Britt from Monash University say nulliparous women, including nuns, have an increased risk of dying from these cancers and from breast cancer, compared to parous women.

The higher number of ovulatory menstrual cycles experienced by nulliparous women is thought to affect their cancer risk.

They quote epidemiological studies that showed overall mortality rate in women who had ever used the OCP was reduced by 12% compared with never-users.

Taking the pill also reduced the relative risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers by 50–60% compared with never-users, with this protection extending for 20 years.

Bearing children at a young age, having multiple children and breastfeeding are all protective.

“If the Catholic Church could make the oral contraceptive