Give air travellers yoghurt to stop epidemic, expert says

TREATING incoming air passengers with a prophylactic probiotic could help stop a Clostridium difficile epidemic from taking root in Australia, a gastroenterologist says.
Professor Thomas Borody said Australia had an opportunity to prevent a hypervirulent strain of the infection, C. difficile type 027, from causing the widespread morbidity and mortality seen in North America.
“We have not been hit by the epidemic and we cannot predict whether C. difficile will become epidemic here or not – it hasn’t yet,” Professor Borody, Sydney-based founder and director of the Centre for Digestive Diseases, told MO.
“It makes sense, if we’re keeping mosquitoes out.”
Professor Borody said a Japanese study involving an experimental probiotic showed that, when given to patients arriving at a hospital ICU, it reduced the occurrence of new C.