Glucose testing in PCOS debated

Associate Professor Warrick Inder, from the department of diabetes and endocrinology at Princess Alexandra Hospital, said in a commentary in the Medical Journal of Australia that repeating the test so frequently would be an “unnecessary burden” on patients.

Jean Hailes endocrinologist Professor Helena Teede, a project director for the PCOS guideline, said the advice on OGTT was noted as a “consensus” recommendation and it would be updated if new research findings became available. 

“We agree it’s a controversial area [and] we need more evidence in this field,” she said.

Professor Inder argued that while risk factors for glucose metabolism abnormalities were amplified in women with PCOS, they were similar to those in the general population: age, obesity and family history. 

He suggested targeting testing for women with PCOS based on age, BMI, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio or