Gonorrhoea rates rocket in men

The study, conducted between January 2010 and December 2012, found 3132 reported cases of gonorrhoea – 2765 of them in men. 

“Most infections were in men who have sex with men (MSM), and chlamydia co-infection was common,” wrote study lead, Kelly-Anne Ressler, an epidemiologist with the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District’s Public Health Unit, in a letter to the Medical Journal of Australia.

Notifications of throat infection rose from 87 cases in 2010 to 352 in 2012, while anorectal infections rose by 78.8% from 236 to 422. 

The study also found that almost one in 10 notifications were for two or more sites of infection. 

The 2765 notifications were for 2430 men, of whom 272 had more than one episode of gonorrhoea in the three-year study period, or an 8.1% reinfection rate within one year. 

Thirteen men had notifications of infection at the same site within 10 weeks of