Govt desire for surplus may delay HPV vaccine for boys

The review of data from 2006 to 2011 showed a high vaccine efficacy against genital warts, preventing more than 90% of cases in men. Similar antibody responses were generated in adolescent boys as seen in girls.

A trial looking for an impact on HPV-related anogenital cancers in men did not show a benefit, which may be due to low incidence of these cancers, the authors noted. 

Impact on mouth, head and neck cancer was yet to be assessed, they said.

Gay men, who have higher rates of genital warts and anal cancer than the general population, also made a “particularly compelling” case for boys’ vaccination, they wrote.

“Although the data on HPV-related disease in men are increasing, understanding is still less than that for women,” they concluded.

“Nevertheless, the evidence for efficacy of the quadrivalent vaccine in boys suggests that male HPV vaccination in Australia and other countries is