GP-based initiatives promising for reducing alcohol-related harms

However, among the 13 interventions tested, GP-based initiatives proved promising for reducing lower level harms associated with risky drinking. 

The Alcohol Action in Rural Communities (AARC) project was rolled out over five years to 10 rural communities in NSW. Researchers engaged with community leaders to implement a series of interventions such as workplace training, school-based intervention and media campaigns to test the effect of community action against risky alcohol consumption. 

Impacts on lower level harms, such as small decreases in weekly alcohol intake, were observed but researchers said the program had little influence on the more serious effects of risky drinking. 

Alcohol-related crime, road-traffic accidents and hospital inpatient admissions did not differ between the intervention and control communities. However, individuals in the program reported 20% lower average weekly consumption of alcohol than those in the