GP detects image error in Cancer Council leaflet

AN EDUCATIONAL flyer in circulation for five years contains an image “mistake” that doctors say could hinder, not assist, the public in recognising melanoma.

The error appears in Cancer Council NSW’s Skin Spots to Watch flyer (Click on the image gallery to the left), which has been widely distributed in GP waiting rooms and is available to order for free via its website.

In a line-up of cancerous lesions the public should keep watch for, the flyer’s example of a melanoma uses a photograph of a seborrhoeic keratosis, the council has admitted.

It appears similar to an image used as an example of seborrhoeic keratosis in Dermoscopy: An Atlas (3rd edition).

Cancer Council NSW was alerted to the issue in May last year in an email from Newcastle GP Dr Andrew Montanari, who said he was initially told it would be replaced, then “nothing [happened] for months and when I checked, they had changed their minds”.