GP guilty of misconduct over suicidal colleague

Dr Henning became the subject of a Medical Board investigation after he admitted ‘Dr A’, a former GP and a co-director of his practice, to hospital after a possible suicide attempt involving insulin in November 2009. 

“The nature of my concern is the proximity of relationship between patient and doctor, who in this instance I believe contributed to delay in essential and appropriate treatment being implemented,” a doctor from the South Adelaide Palliative Services wrote in a letter of complaint to the board.

Dr Henning was aware that Dr A, a non-diabetic, had injected insulin and an insulin box had been found in garbage at her home when he admitted her to hospital. 

But he misrepresented the circumstances to hospital staff and did not immediately follow advice to have her detained under the Mental Health Act, the Health Practitioners Tribunal of South Australia found.

In May 2010, Dr Henning was involved