GP reprimanded over failure to report

Dr Nathem Al-Naser, who also managed the Belconnen Medical Centre, hired Dr Maged Khalil, who entered a relationship with a patient he was treating for anxiety and insomnia between February and October 2012.

Dr Al-Naser was unaware of the relationship until the patient requested a consultation with him. That and five subsequent consultations “focused” on the detrimental effect of her relationship with Dr Khalil.

However, Dr Al-Naser did not report Dr Khalil’s conduct to the Medical Board of Australia and, despite the conflict of interest, treated her depressive illness and did not refer her to another practitioner.

In a separate proceeding in 2013, the 55-year-old Egyptian-trained Dr Khalil, who had worked in emergency medicine at Wagga Wagga for three years before joining the Belconnen practice, was reprimanded for professional misconduct by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

In its ruling on 4 February this