GPs deliver impressive glucose control

A study of 4900 people with type 2 diabetes in Australia, New Zealand and Finland showed that over five years average HbA1c levels increased a mere 0.22% from a median of 6.9% at baseline.

At baseline 59% of participants (in the non-intervention arm of a fenofibrate trial) were taking oral agents without any insulin, 27% had lifestyle measures only, and 14% were taking insulin. But by the end of five years the number of patients taking insulin had jumped to 32%. Australian Diabetes Society president Associate Professor Wah Cheung said the results were encouraging.

“The protocol did not specify any particular glucose targets or diabetes treatment, so the follow-up of these subjects represents real life diabetes management,” Professor Cheung said.

“It is a credit to these general practitioners, as this study shows that they practised good glucose management, and generally conformed to recommendations for HbA1c.”