GPs too busy to deal with depression?

The Depression Monitor report, which tracks public attitudes from beyondblue surveys held every two or three years since 2004, revealed that 72% of Australians viewed GPs as sympathetic and understanding in dealing with depression.

The proportion of the 3200 respondents feeling that GPs were willing to provide or recommend non-drug treatments rose by 7%, while those feeling GPs just provided medications dropped by the same percentage since 2004.

However, relatively large proportions of the community viewed GPs as being too busy to deal with depression (30%) and spending too little time with the problem (46%).

The report found that discriminating and stigmatising attitudes towards people with depression and anxiety have steadily decreased over the past decade, with nearly two-thirds of Australians reporting that they or a family member have experienced depression.

But one in four thought people with depression or anxiety should "pull