Greater risk of early death in diabetes

PEOPLE with diabetes are more likely to die earlier from a range of causes, including cancer and infectious diseases, compared with people without diabetes, a study suggests.

A multinational team of researchers showed people with diabetes were more than twice as likely to die of vascular disease than people who didn’t have diabetes.

And their risk of death by any cause was 80% higher than others.

The risk of death from cancer was 25% higher, and death from non-vascular, non-cancer causes was 73% higher, they found.

The authors said a 50-year-old with diabetes died, on average, six years earlier than a counterpart without diabetes, with about 40% of the difference in survival attributable to excess non-vascular deaths.

The study, which looked at 123,205 deaths among more than 800,000 people across 97 prospective studies, showed that cancers of the liver, pancreas and ovary were associated with the highest level of mortality