Growing evidence base for diabetes link to Alzheimer’s

The Finnish study found that more than 3300 patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) were 14% more likely to have diabetes than matched control subjects. 

This association strengthened to a 31% chance after adjustment for cardiovascular disease and  increased to 60% when diabetes was diagnosed during midlife.

“The age-dependent effect may be due to smaller effects of the AD process on midlife factors than on factors assessed in late life,” the authors wrote. 

“Midlife vascular risk factors may also be a more accurate reflection of the vascular load during adulthood.” 

Associate Professor Jonathan Shaw, associate director of the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, said the findings added to the growing body of evidence of a link between AD and diabetes.

“What this shows is that cognitive dysfunction is more common in people with diabetes and that would indicate a group of