Haemangioma treatment

SERIAL surgical procedures are preferable to complex reconstructive surgery to treat facial haemangiomas, researchers say.

US surgeons documented 46 paediatric cases of serial excisions of haemangiomas, showing that the average number of excisions was three and the mean interoperative period was four months.

Thirty-one of the patients achieved a final result around three years of age and eight around five years of age.

One patient had a traumatic dehiscence of the surgical wound and six others had minor wound problems that had no impact on the final result.

The authors said serial excision was a reliable option for surgically treating infantile haemangiomas that could not be resected and reconstructed by simple primary closure or advancement.

“The advantage of obviating the use of complex reconstructive techniques while obtaining acceptable cosmetic results in concert with developmental milestones outweighs