Half of pregnant women lacking iodine

Professor Creswell Eastman told the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists annual scientific meeting in Sydney last week that multiple Australian studies had shown that iodine levels were inadequate in pregnant women.

He cited a Tasmanian study published this year that showed iodine insufficiency in pregnant women was linked to poor mental performance in their children (MO, 13 May, 2013).

“You look at the children’s outcome results in NAPLAN testing at ages eight and nine, the kids who are born to mothers who had urinary iodine that was low did 10% worse in the NAPLAN testing, which is really quite dramatic,” he said.

Professor Eastman, clinical professor of medicine at the University of Sydney, said a recent study in The Netherlands showed that women who were iodine deficient were four times as likely to have an autistic child as women who were iodine replete.

He said folate