Have you had your flu shot?

A minority of healthcare staff are immunised against influenza. An Israeli intervention has tried to improve immunisation rates in primary care clinics. The study involved the staff of 27 practices. A total of 344 doctors, nurses and administrative staff participated. Thirteen clinics were randomised to receive the intervention – lecture by a GP, a personal approach by local staff and email reminders.

After the intervention, the immunisation rate in the 13 clinics reached 52.8%, significantly greater than the 26.5% achieved in the clinics with no intervention.

Compared to the previous year, immunisations had increased by 6.6% in the control clinics, but rose by 25.8% in the intervention clinics. Only half of the control clinics managed to improve immunisation rates. The improvements in the intervention clinics were seen across all staff groups. In these clinics, 66% of doctors were immunised compared with 32% in the control group.