High grade cervical disease halved with HPV vax

Data from nearly 40,000 women from the HPV Vaccination Program Register linked with the Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry showed vaccine effectiveness was greatest for CIN3+/AIS. Fully vaccinated women had a 48% lower rate of the most serious abnormalities than unvaccinated women. 

In partially vaccinated women, the vaccine was 36% effective for preventing CIN3+/AIS. 

The risk of any histologically confirmed high grade cervical abnormality was 28% lower in women vaccinated with any dose compared with unvaccinated women.

Professor Marion Saville, executive director of the Victorian Cytology Service, said the vaccine was most effective in women vaccinated at the youngest ages.

“We expect that over the next five years, the effect of the vaccine will increase as women vaccinated at 12 to 13 years move through the screening program,” she said.

“This is because these younger women are less likely to have