Hip fracture doubles mortality risk in older women

HIP fractures are associated with a higher risk of death in the year following fracture in older women, US researchers say.

The risk of death in the year following a hip fracture was double when compared to healthy age-matched controls.

The risk was highest in the younger cohort, with women aged 65–69 years having a five-fold increase of death in the first year after fracture.

Women with a hip fracture aged 70–79 years had a 2.4-fold increased risk.

In contrast, there was no increased risk of death in those over the age of 80 following a hip fracture.

However, shorter-term mortality was raised in women aged over 80 years who were exceptionally healthy.

A total of 5580 women were tracked for almost 20 years with 1116 hip fracture cases matched with four control participants.

The mortality risk was greatest in the first three months following fracture.

The risk of death returned to