Hydrogen peroxide superior MRSA surface killer

To compare the efficacy of each agent against MRSA, researchers from Tasmania conducted more than 3600 discharge cleans at Tasmania’s Launceston General Hospital in rooms accommodating MRSA patients. 

Some rooms were treated with detergent alone while others were cleaned with hydrogen peroxide using a 6% hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination system and 0.5% hydrogen peroxide surface solution. 

After analysing more 32,600 environmental swabs, researchers said that disinfection with HP led to a decrease in residual MRSA contamination in patient rooms compared with detergent – MRSA was recovered from at least one site in close to 25% of rooms following detergent cleaning and from nearly 19% of rooms following HP cleaning. 

Moreover, a significant decrease in the rate of new MRSA patient acquisitions throughout the hospital was observed following the introduction of the HP cleaning. 

The researchers said that