Increased diabetes risk for women on statins

The study included 153,000 women with an average age of 63, 7.04% of whom took statin medication at baseline. It found the risk of diabetes in statin users was apparent even after adjusting for age, race/ethnicity and BMI, and was unrelated to the particular type of statin or dosage.

National policy adviser for Diabetes Australia Professor Greg Johnson told Medical Observer the study confirmed again the well-known association between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

“Common risk factors and risk questions are there for all clinicians,” Professor Johnson said.

“It’s an important paper in terms of reminding clinicians to weigh up the risks and benefits in terms of any pharmacological treatment, and it raises awareness that women treated with statins should be having their blood glucose levels checked.”

Professor of Metabolic Health at the University of Sydney Stephen Colagiuri told MO that