Increased uterine cancer risk with cardiac drug

In a study of data from Denmark’s national prescribing and cancer registries from 1995 to 2008, researchers found digoxin users had a 48% increased risk of uterine cancer compared to women with no exposure to the drug.

Women who had used digoxin for at least 36 months had a 57% increased risk of uterine cancer, but former users had only a “borderline” statistically significant increased risk of 20% compared to never-users.

Ovarian and cervical cancer risk was not increased in current or former digoxin users, the study showed.

The data covered 2.1 million Danish women aged more than 20 years, of whom just over 104,000 (4.9%) had digoxin exposure and 137,000 (6.5%) had exposure to angina drugs but not digoxin. Other angina drugs were not associated with increased risk, the researchers found.

“Uterus cancers are known to be increased in women receiving hormone replacement therapies where oestrogens are not opposed by