Increasing antibiotic resistance a matter of national urgency

The PBS should be used to restrict or facilitate the use of particular antibiotics in a bid to combat antimicrobial resistance, experts say.

Microbiologists and infectious diseases clinicians meeting in Sydney this week called for a national strategy to tackle growing antibiotic resistance, dubbed “one of today’s greatest threats to human health”.

They were due to begin discussing strategies today, including use of the drug regulatory system and improved infection control at an Antimicrobial Resistance Summit called by the Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases (ASID) and the Australian Society for Antimicrobials. Dr Tom Gottlieb, president of ASID, said anecdotal evidence indicated microbial resistance was rising rapidly in Australia.

“We urgently need to bring together decision makers and experts and form a national strategy to address this impending disaster before it is too late,” he said.