Indigenous kids have lower rate of access to GPs

A NEW study highlighting the lack of a regular GP for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children compared to the rest of the population has led to fresh calls for voluntary registration of children with general practices.

The report, released last week by the Australian National University, involved more than 30,000 ACT-based parents. 

Of those surveyed by researchers, 25% of parents of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were unable to name a usual GP – far more than the 10% of all other parents who were also unable to name a regular GP.

The eight-year study, led by professor of general practice Marjan Kljakovic, also found that the continuity of care provided by GPs varied significantly over time. 

Nineteen per cent of GPs identified in the study were present in the ACT in only one year of the survey, while just 39% were present in every year of the study. 

“In Australia, there is no