International experts support PSA testing

The consensus statement, released today at the Prostate Cancer World Congress in Melbourne, aims to clarify the confusion surrounding baseline PSA testing.

Professor Tony Costello, executive director of Australian Prostate Cancer Research and director of urology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said the decision to undergo PSA testing should be shared by the patient and doctor, and men should be well counselled about the harms and benefits of early detection of prostate cancer.

“We have tried to put together a statement that a GP could make sense of, and to put some more sense back into the debate,” he told MO.

“While there is high-level evidence for the use of PSA testing as a screening tool, and also for its role in predicting future risk of prostate cancer in younger men, there is confusion and controversy regarding whether PSA testing should be abandoned completely or whether it is valuable for the early detection of prostate