Ischaemic stroke on the rise in young Americans

ISCHAEMIC stroke hospitalisation rates in US adolescents and young adults surged by up to 37% in the 14 years to 2008.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also identified a rising prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, lipid disorders, and tobacco use among Americans aged 15–44 years.

Nearly one in three patients with stroke were aged 15–34 years, and more than half of those aged 35–44 years, had a diagnosis of hypertension.

One-quarter of patients aged 35–44 years had diabetes, according to national hospital discharge data.

“Our results… accentuate the need for public health initiatives to reduce the prevalence of risk factors for stroke among adolescents and young adults,” the authors said.

Ann Neurol 2011, online 2 Sept