Junk food still finds itself on the menu

Calorie labelling on restaurant menus makes no difference to the food choices made by adolescents, a US study has found.

Children and teenagers visiting major burger and chicken take­away outlets in New York City, the first to adopt caloric labelling, ‘noticed’ the informa­tion but were not influenced by it, researchers said.

The results from 350 fast food con­sumers in a low income area do not augur well for the nation’s experiment in rolling out a mandatory requirement for restaurant chains to list caloric content, they suggested.

The racially diverse sample included children and adolescents visiting a restaurant with their parents (69%) or alone, both before and after the introduction of the labelling.

Adolescents chose restaurants based on ‘ease’ and ‘location’ rather than price, and chose particular foods based on ‘taste’, the survey showed.

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