Living with reflux, GORD help us

An English study has looked at the effectiveness of non-drug treatment for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD). It investigated whether a program in general practice could help patients to manage the symptoms.

Patients who had been taking PPIs for at least six months were recruited. They were interviewed about their symptoms and they identified diet and stress as the main influences.

The intervention program consisted of weekly sessions of 90 minutes for one month. These were run by a nurse who educated the patients about GORD and assisted them to develop a plan for dealing with the symptoms.

Compared with prior to the intervention, the patients reported that their symptoms had been reduced. There were significant reductions in regurgitation, heartburn and stomach pain.

The patients had a better understanding and felt more in control of their illness. Although the emotional effect of GORD was reduced, there were no changes in the