Local health district's $10K racial discrimination fine

A NSW local health district has been found guilty of racial discrimination over an employee’s complaint about her boss speaking on the telephone in his native Tamil language.

Thennarasu Dharmalingham, director of pharmacy at Bathurst Hospital from January 2010 until March 2013, brought several race-related discrimination charges against Western NSW Local Health District and one alleging discrimination on the grounds of disability relating to his mental health.

The NSW Civil and Administrative Claims Tribunal (NCAT) rejected all but one of the discrimination allegations, but it upheld a further complaint that the hospital management had victimised the Indian-born pharmacist by putting him on special leave in 2013 after he brought proceedings under the Anti-Discrimination Act.

It ordered the local health body to pay Mr Dharmalingham damages of $10,000.

From early in his time in the job, Mr Dharmalingam