Low vitamin D leads to obesity

A random sample of 2460 participants in Norway’s HUNT population health survey were tested for baseline vitamin D, BMI and waist circumference. 

After 11 years a consistent inverse association between baseline vitamin D levels and incident obesity was found, unaltered by season.

Even in those with baseline BMIs lower than 30, a vitamin D level less than 50 nmol/L was associated with a significantly increased odds ratio for incident obesity during follow-up.

“Our study... provided new evidence that lower 25(OH)D levels may contribute to new onset obesity in adults,” the researchers said.

“We also found that central obesity increased more rapidly than overall obesity (38% vs 15%).” 

Sydney endocrinologist Dr Tania Markovic, director of metabolism and obesity services at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, suggested people with low vitamin D who became obese typically spent less time outside in the