Lower body fat by eating chocolate

The study of 1500 adolescents from nine European countries showed that those in the highest category of chocolate consumption, eating around 42g per day, about one Mars bar, had lower BMI, central fat and waist circumference than those who ate only 4.2 g per day of chocolate.

The associations were observed after adjusting for sex, age, sexual maturation, total energy, saturated fat, fruit and vegetable intake and physical activity. 

Higher chocolate consumption was also associated with being more physically active, as assessed by accelerometers.
Participants, who were enrolled in the Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescent Cross-Sectional Study, self-recorded their dietary intake using a computer-based tool for 24 hour dietary recall over two days.

The associations remained after excluding obese adolescents, who the authors deemed more likely to underreport dietary intake.

The authors said the results were