Macroscopic haematuria warrants cystoscopy

Urology registrar Dr Steve McCombie found in a study of patients diagnosed with the malignancy that almost a quarter who had macroscopic haematuria waited more than 14 days before visiting a doctor.

Not only did patients delay seeking advice, but nearly 14% who had previously presented to their GP with macroscopic haematuria were not referred to a urologist at the time.

According to Dr McCombie they were generally reassured without investigation, investigated and reassured, or treated for a UTI. It was not until they re-presented with recurrent haematuria — often several weeks or months later — that they were referred to a urologist.

“While post-referral delays accounted for most delay in the study for these patients with missed opportunities for referral, the pre-hospital delays were very long indeed,” Dr McCombie said.

The study, presented at the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand (USANZ) annual