Mammography detection gives better survival rate

In findings that will add to the debate on screening, the study in nearly 2000 women diagnosed with primary breast cancer between 1990 and 2008 found that the improved prognosis was generally due to earlier detection.

The prospective study at the Swedish Cancer Institute, Seattle, found that over 18 years mammography-found breast cancer jumped from 28% of all cases detected annually to 58%, while patient and physician detected cancer fell.

Women with mammography-detected cancers were more likely to have lumpectomy and less likely to undergo modified radical mastectomy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

They were less likely to have recurrence (6% vs 17%) and to die from breast cancer (4% vs 11%).

The publication follows a controversial push by a Cochrane group to highlight evidence that there is more harm than benefit in screening women aged in their 40s.

In 2009 US Preventive Services Taskforce guidelines recommended a halt to