Mandatory reporting puts GPs off seeking help: poll

MANDATORY reporting is causing GPs to think twice about seeking help, a poll by MO reveals. 

The recent national poll of 150 GPs found 53% were less likely to seek help from another GP or advice line as a result of mandatory reporting, while just 15% of respondents believed mandatory reporting would not negatively affect their decision to seek help  or counselling if required.

Since the introduction of mandatory reporting laws last year in all states other than WA, doctors are now obliged to report impaired health practitioners who could be putting patients at risk of substantial harm.

Canberra GP Dr Stan Doumani, convenor of the ACT Doctors’ Health Advisory Service, said he had not seen any doctors with mental health complaints since the introduction of mandatory reporting laws eight months ago.

“I think some doctors are very worried about the new law and I think we need to clarify that [mandatory reporting