Measles warning for NZ Rugby World Cup travellers

HEALTH authorities are urging rugby fans travelling to New Zealand for the World Cup to make sure their MMR vaccinations are up to date, following reports that Auckland is experiencing a measles outbreak.

NSW Health issued the advice this week, encouraging anyone who had not had two doses of the MMR vaccine to get immunised.

People going to New Zealand were advised to visit their GP for the MMR vaccine before they travelled.

“Two doses of the vaccine are recommended to give lifelong protection. Many young adults are at risk if they have never been immunised, or if they only received one vaccine as a child,” NSW Health director of health protection Dr Jeremy McNulty said.

A New Zealand ministry of health release today stated there have been 120 confirmed cases of measles since the end of May 2011 reported to authorities in Auckland and 202 confirmed cases in New Zealand since January this year.