Men’s ‘Sheds’ offer a place for the isolated

THE stories are searing and honest – sometimes heartbreaking, other times encouraging. With 97 posts, the most popular thread on the newly launched The Shed Online discussion forum is titled “Depression” and is brimming with tales.

Some, like 55-year-old Gerry, whose wife left him when “the prospect of living with the black dog was a bridge too far for her”, are still struggling to come to terms with their condition. 

Others are further along, offering support, encouragement and advice. 

Take Mark, for example, who has managed to stop post-traumatic stress disorder from controlling his life, and now presents information to schools and community groups. 

The Shed Online is a collaboration between beyondblue, Movember and the Australian Men’s Shed Association. It’s designed as a resource to engage men, particularly men aged over 40, who for various reasons may be feeling isolated or