Metformin may prevent early pubescent onset of PCOS: study

TREATING girls at risk of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) with metformin early in puberty is more effective in preventing onset of PCOS than waiting until the later years of puberty, new data shows.

Spanish researchers treated 38 girls with metformin who had low birth weight and precocious puberty, defined as appearance of pubic hair before age eight, and were therefore considered at risk of developing PCOS.

Girls who were given metformin early, at age eight to 12 for four years, were around eight times less likely to develop PCOS by age 15 than those given metformin later for only one year, at age 13 or 14.

Girls given metformin early were also 4 cm taller, had less central fat distribution and fewer proinflammatory cells and proteins by age 15 than those given metformin later.

Androgen excesses were twice as likely, and menstrual irregularities seven times as likely, in girls given metformin later.

The timing of metformin