MI decline lag could be due to vigilance

But a cardiology expert believes the figures may indicate increased vigilance through use of troponin.

A study of trends over 17 years found incidence of all MIs increased from 215 to 251 cases per 100,000 person-years, particularly in the under-50 and over-80 age groups. ST-segment elevation MI (STEMI) decreased from 147 to 70, but non-STEMI soared from 67 to 182.

“The incidence of MI in Australia might not be decreasing as rapidly as that seen in other regions and requires additional exploration,” the authors wrote.

However, Baker IDI’s Professor Tony Dart, director of cardiovascular medicine at the Alfred Hospital, said the figures were a “reflection of how hard we are looking”.

“There is a threefold increase in the over-80s but a lot of these patients are