Mid-pregnancy urine test may help predict pre-eclampsia, study reveals

A Mayo Clinic study presented earlier this month at the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week conference showed identification of live podocytes in urine (podocyturia) predicted pre-eclampsia but not gestational hypertension among 315 women.

All participants who later developed pre-eclampsia had positive podocyturia before 210 days’ gestation. 

Professor Lawrence McMahon, director of renal medicine for Eastern Health in Melbourne, said that although the study was of great interest, it was “early days”.

“The whole assessment of proteinuria is opening up at the moment, and there’s a realisation that nephelometric tests we currently use only measure a component of the protein,” says Professor McMahon. 

He recently published a study showing a spot urinary albumin:creatinine ratio ≥ 35.5 mg/mmol measured before 20 weeks of gestation predicted pre-eclampsia before the onset of