Mind the flush

Mindfulness training can help women cope with hot flushes and nights sweats, a randomised controlled trial of 110 women, who averaged five or more moderate to severe hot flushes a day at the start of the trial, has found. 

While the mindfulness did not change the intensity or frequency of hot flushes in the women, who were either late peri- or early post-menopausal, it did significantly reduce the amount of ‘bother’ they experienced as a result. 

The women who were trained in mindfulness also had significant improvements in quality of life, sleep quality, anxiety and perceived stress, and these improvements continued at the three-month follow-up after the intervention. 

Participants attended eight weekly 2.5-hour classes and an all-day class on a weekend during the sixth week where they learned techniques such as meditation, breathing and stretching. 

Menopause 2011; 18(6):611-20