Miscarriage, chlamydia link ‘plausible’

CHLAMYDIA infection may increase a woman’s future risk of miscarriage, research suggests.

A Swiss study of 386 women attending a hospital obstetrics department found women experiencing miscarriage had double the rate of evidence of chlamydia infection compared to those without miscarriage.

Among 125 women who miscarried, 15.2% had positive C. trachomatis IgG serology compared to 7.3% of controls.

C. trachomatis DNA was also detected in 4% of samples of placenta or products of conception from women who miscarried, compared to 0.7% of controls.

Miscarriage may be triggered by a persistent asymptomatic infection or occur as a result of damage from a past chlamydial infection. Persistent C. trachomatis antibodies might also interfere with embryonic antigens, the authors said. 

The results, from both serological and molecular tests, suggested preconception screening might reduce miscarriage rates, they said.