Miscarriage risk prompts warning on NSAID use in pregnancy

A STUDY finding an increased risk of miscarriage in women taking non-aspirin NSAIDs has prompted a call to refer women with underlying inflammatory conditions for a medication review before trying to conceive.

Dr Louise Farrell, chair of the Women’s Health Committee of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, was commenting on Canadian findings showing that taking the drugs in early pregnancy was associated with more than double the risk of spontaneous abortion, regardless of the type of NSAID or dose.

“We would recommend that if people are taking NSAIDs regularly, they need a review by their rheumatologist, for instance, to switch to other medication before considering pregnancy,” Dr Farrell said.

For women who had taken NSAIDs before realising they were pregnant, she said the message for GPs was to reassure and educate.

“NSAIDs do increase the risk of miscarriage. But the