Mobile phone cancer link in doubt, study says

NO CLEAR evidence of a link between mobile phones and brain cancer has been found in the largest cohort study to date.

Researchers found, in an 18-year study examining almost 360,000 Danish mobile phone subscribers, a total of 10,729 cases of central nervous system tumour, but the incidence among subscribers was
comparable to non-subscribers.

Even when restricted to those with phone contracts spanning more than 10 years, there was little difference in the rate of incidence of glioma or meningioma for those exposed to phones compared to
non-exposed individuals.

There was no indication of a dose-response relationship, in either duration of subscription or tumour location, the authors said.

However, an accompanying editorial said the study should be seen in the context of the largely negative body of literature, although the Interphone study conducted across 14 countries found an increased risk of cancer among the