Mobile phones may weaken bones: study

ELECTROMAGNETIC radiation from mobile phones may weaken bones, an Argentinian study suggests.

It found men who routinely wear their mobile phone on their belt on the right side have reduced bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) in the right hip.

Researchers measured BMC and BMD in the left and right hips of 24 men who did not use mobile phones and 24 who carried their phone in a belt pouch on the right side for at least one year.

Average measurements were not significantly different between groups but non-users had higher BMC in the right femoral neck and users had reduced BMD and BMC at the right trochanter, near where the phone was worn, with the difference between left and right trochanters related to hours spent carrying a phone.

According to the authors, the research raised the possibility that long-term exposure could adversely affect bone mineralisation.

Follow-up studies should include women, who have