Moderate HbA1c targets would cut mortality rates

GLYCAEMIC targets in older type 2 diabetes patients should be relaxed to cut mortality rates, researchers say after analysing data on thousands of patients.

The retrospective US study of more than 70,000 patients aged 60 or older showed mortality risk was lower for HbA1c levels between 6% and 9% than for HbA1c less than 6%.

The risk of a combined endpoint of any complication or death became significantly higher at HbA1c 8% or more for all age groups.

“Our results suggest that A1c in older patients should be maintained below 8% to prevent both complications and mortality, with the caution that A1c levels less than 6% were associated with an increased mortality risk,” they said.

Professor Wah Cheung, president of the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS), said the recommendation fitted with the ADS position statement on glycaemic control, based on several studies.

“We haven’t specified age as a criterion in the