More evidence circumcision protective for prostate cancer

The authors point to earlier research suggesting male circumcision can reduce the risk of contracting STIs, and HIV, and that “infection and inflammation in the prostate” may play a role in cancer aetiology.

Their study took in 1700 men diagnosed with prostate cancer between 1993–96 and 2002–05, as well as a similar number of matched healthy controls.

More of the men in the control group were circumcised (71.5%) compared to cases (68.8%).

Men circumcised before their sexual debut were seen to have a reduced risk of developing both more aggressive, and less aggressive, forms of prostate cancer.

Circumcision was performed after the date of first sexual intercourse for 3.9% of the men with prostate cancer and 2.5% of the controls.

There was no difference in the self-reported history of STIs between the two groups, though the authors noted asymptomatic infection may be a factor.